Travel with eXperts

We are the bridge between professionals and travel enthusiasts.


Our mission

We want to create the biggest movement in the world and empower people enjoy life through travel.

We allow professionals have access to our automated selling system and generate income through our touristic franchise.


Learn the secrets of marketing. Create selling systems that grow businesses on autopilot.


Enjoy Free VIP Travel. Earn passive income.


Train. Learn. Grow.

We help travel enthousiasts explore the world at incredible prices though monthly travel saving-plans.


Accesible VIP Travel to 4 and 5 star hotels at prices starting at $1 and Travel Points.


Family resorts for up to 8 guests starting at $0 and Travel Points.


Customer Referral Programme: FREE Travel.   

Touristic Franchise Presentation

Marketing Strategy + Selling System implemented by trainedX - marketing agency.