Travel with eXperts is looking for professionals to co-develop a tourism franchise together with our team. Join our movement to empower people to achieve financial freedom and travel the world.

Top 5 job responsibilities of a Marketing Strategist for a tourism franchise are:

  • Content creation, email marketing;
  • Administration, organization of events, configuration of announcements, statistics, reports;
  • Strategy brainstorming, local event scouting, planning and implementation;
  • Reports: generate weekly and monthly performance reports;
  • Participation in 90-day Sprints throughout the year.


  • Commissions between $12.5 and $50 for each client registered with your link.
  • Up to $1,500 monthly, based on the number of franchise clients.
  • 20% in loyalty points for each reservation made by your clients. Use them for hotels, flights, cruises.
  • Access to our sales strategy that involves creating unlimited contacts, communication, trust and closure.
  • Trainings in marketing, sales, personal and professional development.

Qualities of the ideal candidate

  • Self-motivated, goal oriented.
  • Prioritizes competing goals and manage time skillfully.
  • Knows how to collaborate with team members in a remote environment.
  • Possesses superior verbal and written communication skills.
  • Has direct experience in Marketing Strategy or a keen interest in the industry.

Travel with eXperts is a group of professionals from different areas such as sales, marketing, coaching and much more. We developed a successful business model based on a common interest: travel.

With a growth of 200% during the last two years, our team has successfully helped hundreds of professionals to co-develop our tourism franchise. Joining Travel with eXperts means being part of a community of brilliant colleagues from around the world who are smart, driven, and will challenge and motivate you to new heights.

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