Hi Roxana,

I reviewed your application for our Marketing Strategist position and am impressed with your background.

You are currently in the second step of our recruiting process. We are looking for 5 professionals to develop our touristic franchise in your region and to join our mission of helping as many clients as possible have their dream holidays.
Our packages are specialised in either Luxury Hotels for 2 people or dream holidays for families of up to 8 members. But in comparison to other booking platforms, our clients and your potencial clients will pay up to 50% less on fulfilling their dreams.

As a franchise developer, you will receive all the specific trainings and necessary tools in order to start, grow and scale the franchise together with your team. We will approach marketing and sales technique which convert. 

You will go through a 90 days Sprint which is meant to help you reach $1500 USD per month, plus commissions. Afterwards, your financial benefits increase exponentially and you have the potential to reach 4.2k USD/month in only half a year.

You will have our full support through recorded webinars that you can watch whenever you desire or during our 20 minutes daily meetings where we discuss the progress of the day. We also have weekly meetings with the entire team of more than 60 persons, where we discuss strategy, share tips and tricks, look for expansion posibilites, research local market, etc.

The next step in our recruiting process is for you to have a look at the project page where you can find all the information, once again.

Almost at the end of the page, you will find a contact section that you need to complete in order to continue to the last step of the selection process.

After completing the form, one eXpert will contact you in order to schedule a meeting where we discuss:

1. Franchise platform - examples of holidays, registering clients, packages.
2. Intermediate financial benefits.
4. 90 days strategy to 1.5k USD/month.
5. Where do I find potential customers?
6. Programming the kick-off with your team.

As mentioned above, you can find all the information and the contact section here:

Looking forward to seeing you in our meeting.

Celeste Travel with eXperts
In collaboration with trainedX

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