Part 1. - First contact over Whatsapp

YOU: Hello , I am … and I wanted to personally thank you for applying to my LinkedIn announce. As you may remember, this position is not a traditional job. It is totally independent and my ideal candidate is any entrepreneur who wants to generate an additional income or start a tourism business. 

Do you think this could be something interesting for you?


Part 2. In case the candidate says: YES. 

YOU: Perfect, in this case I will share with you the first information about the project. Here you have all the details about the benefits and possible next steps. 


I will give you some time to read the information above. I cannot wait to hear your opinion. Is it okay if I get back to you in one hour?


In case the candidate says: YES. 

Perfect, then I will get back to you in one hour. 


Part 3. After one hour.

Hello again, ...! As promised, I wanted to ask you what do you think about our project. Would it be something for you?

In case the candidate says: YES. 

Great, I couldn't be happier. I have a short list of questions for you, to help you get  an idea about how the process is going to be. I will share the list with you, and when you're ready, please let me know when we could schedule a short call where we can discuss about the questions. 


Part 4. Send the questions list

What time would it be good for you?

Establish date and time of the short call with the Candidate. 


Part 5. The Call.

Part 2'. In case the candidate says: NO. 

Sorry to hear that, could you give me a short feedback with the reason why this isn't for you? That could help me a lot. 



Part 3' . In case the answer was NO - the project is not for them


I appreciate your reply. Is there anything that is not clear to you? What do you think about the travel discounts?

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