More sales calls.
More closed deals.

Grow YOUR business organically with METHOD 4C.
2x. 3x. Multiply as many times as you want.  

The magic of Method 4C

Create - Communicate - Connect - Close.

C1. Create

Generate at least 10 leads per day. 

or Paid. 
Or Both. 

You decide where, how much and when.

C2. Communicate

Transmit the correct message of your business to the RIGHT AUDIENCE.

Automated messages.
Elevator Pitch.
Filtering Questions. 

Establish a conversation based on minimum 3 answers. 

C3. Connect

Build trustful relationships between you and your potential clients. 

Setup meetings with leads up to 45% qualified.
Webinars. Landing Pages. 

Automate and delegate to make your work easier. 

C4. Close

END the selling process with a natural close.

Help your lead envision transitioning from the ACTUAL STATE to DESIRED STATE.

Make your offer. Close the deal.

Explore the power of Method 4C 

Receive Weekly Case Studies from concrete examples of our clients.

Learn how to apply Method 4C to your business and grow up to 200% in 90 days. 

GET the FULL Package

Not only Consultancy. Not only Implementation. It's both.


Consultancy 90

Do you work already with an agency, but you don't obtain the desired results?

Your current selling system is not converting?

Let's plan together your 90 days Strategy.
Working in Sprints. Setting Goals. Analysing results. 


Implementation 100

We setup the strategy for you, but we also implement the 4C system for your business. 

Creating the right client profile for you. Communicating. Building trust. Closing. 

Full or partial implementation for your needs.


Hybrid 360

During the first 30 days we are analysing YOUR CURRENT STATUS and planning your strategy.

The next 30 days we focus on either implementing your 4C system or guiding you do it. 

In the last 30 days we scale your business. 

Client work cases


Method 4C adapts perfectly for selling HIGH VALUE Coaching Sessions. 


So you structure your OFFER as the best solution to your client.

Traditional businesses 

Fill your agenda as a BEAUTY CENTER, SPA or CLINIC with HIGH VALUE Clients.

Take control over the amount of persons coming to your business.

Don't invest energy into social media just for digital presence. But for generating sales.  


Let's say you successfully started your own business or that you provide a specific service. 

A selling system makes the difference between making 1k or 10k per month. Or per week. 

Automate. Delegate. Outsource. And diversify your portfolio with HIGH VALUE Services.

Network Marketing Teams

How to double YOUR Network Marketing business in 90 days?

Simple. Apply our 4C technique to have new members joining your team. Same system that we applied ourselves in our Network Marketing business. 

Use our Selling and Marketing Academy to educate and empower your team.
And use our Marketing tools to increase brand awareness and build confidence in your project.

Digital Marketing Agencies

We started our agency almost one year ago with $0 investment. 
Now, our clients pay us even 8k per project.

How? By specialising and adapting our selling system to our clients' needs.

Improve your system and take your business to the next level. 

Curious about Method 4C? 

Schedule a FREE Consultation

Let's find out together which is the best way of applying Method 4C to your business.

During our call, you will discover how to:

  • create at least 10 contacts per day;
  • communicate YOUR SOLUTION to the ideal client;
  • transmit confidence through your service/product;
  • close the client on the spot.
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Gain commissions while working with our team. 

If you are a freelancer and you want to contribute to developing and improving our services, come and join our team. 

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